About us


As a spin-off of Zurich domiciled Scheller AG chemical group in 1981, INC Chemie SA produces since more than 40 years chemical-technical products for a variety of usage in industry and commerce.


Our production and research team consists of scientists and experts for chemical processes. We have many years of experience in polymer chemistry, colloidal chemistry and chemical processes. Our goal is to always apply the newest technology and use it to the advantage of our clients.


Our production facilities range from 1kg to 3,000kg. The equipment of our laboratory is excellent with devices like IR, UV, rheometer, tempered centrifuge and all well-established chemical devices used for testing.


Since more than 40 years we deliver industrial additives like PU/epoxy coating, heat transfer fluids, construction chemistry, metal working additives and care products like: car-care, home-care and personal-care. Given many years of experience combined with our ambition to only deliver high quality made us a trusted partner of many industrial companies.